AMATA MEDICARE is the manufacturer of all Glass syringes products under the brand TRIVIWAT and SVAE.
Our glass syringes are available in 4 different nozzle styles: Glass luer tip, Metal luer slip tip, Metal luer lock tip, and Irrigation tip nozzle. All syringes are designed according to ISO 594 – 595 (Medical Materials luer taper fitting) as well as new standards ISO 80369-1, ISO 80369-6, and ISO 80369-7, which can ensure that our syringes can be connected and compatible with all devices with luer taper fittings.
Glass Luer Slip Tip
Metal Luer Slip Tip
Metal Luer Lock Tip
Glass Irrigation Tip

* All AMATA MEDICARE Metal tips are manufactured in-house and is a 100% quality check

Our syringes are manufactured from the best quality borosilicate glass type I from SCHOTT Germany, a supplier of SCHOTT Glass products, Duran, Pyrex, and many other leading brands  (Download Catalogue)

Features of TRIVIWAT syringes

  • The glass syringe is made of heat-resistant Borosilicate glass type 1. The material and construction are resistant to breakage from shock and sudden temperature
  • The product is annealed and tested until it is free from internal strain
  • Each plunger is individually ground and fitted to the barrel for smooth movement without reverse flow.
  • Resistant to corrosion of all kinds of chemicals. Free of Contamination when using with substance in the cylinder
  • The syringe is clearly marked with graduations which are permanently fused for a lifetime (OEM available for other colors marking)
  • Autoclavable at 121 C (สามารถนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อได้ที่ 121 องศาเซลเซียส)


TRIVIWAT Standard Glass Syringes
(Interchangeable glass syringe)

Interchangeable Syringes can be matched with every syringe of the same size. This eliminates the trouble of matching after cleaning and sterilization. Users will be more conveniently assembling it back to use (Reusable).

Watch all syringe types Click

TRIVIWAT (SAVE) Feeding / Enema syringe

Glass feeding syringe It is used for feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves by mouth. The feeding syringe is used in conjunction with a feeding tube to direct food into the stomach. It can be fed both through the nose (NG tube) and through the abdomen (PEG).  

 *In addition to feeding, This type of syringe can also be used for suctioning various liquids such as sputum, gastric lavage, intestinal detoxification, etc.



  • Feeding syringes are the interchangeable syringes which can be matched with every feeding syringe. This eliminates the trouble of matching after cleaning and sterilization. Users will be more conveniently assembling it back to use
  • Autoclavable at 121 C (สามารถนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อได้ที่ 121 องศาเซลเซียส)
  • Withstand the repeated hot water (Can be boiled with hot water)


TRIVIWAT Matched Number Syringe

Matched Number Syringes are numbered on the cylinder and piston. Each piece will be matched one by one in order to get the fittest pair (There will be a gap of only a micron level that make the syringe have high mobility without friction) Matched number syringes are suitable for work that requires high precision such as various substances testing, (Dissolved Gas Analysis) Transformer oil testing,  THF handling, and gas testing

The cylinder body and piston are polished. The glass surface will be seen frosted in both parts but when it comes in contact with a substance, the frosted glass will disappear like clear glass.


*OEM brand Available  (MOQ 500 PCS) 

A safety package case can be sent to the customer to draw the oil and send it back to the lab without breaking.
Provide Serial number lot for traceability
TRIVIWAT custom syringe for MYRKOS shake test machine  
Compatible with MYRKOS DGA TESTING machine

Compatible with MYRKOS DGA TESTING machine

A safety package case can be sent to the customer to draw the oil and send it back to the lab without breaking.

TRIVIWAT glass piston syringe with ground barrel
used for the loss of resistance technique procedure

The glass piston syringe with ground barrels is used with epidural needles, which can be used in both pneumatic and saline techniques to locate the epidural space.


In addition, our glass piston syringe is suitable to use for the loss of resistance technique.  The loss of resistance technique procedure is used to aim at pain management. The piston will automatically move when it finds the space for epidural anesthesia. An epidural is often used during childbirth. But it may also be used during and after certain types of surgery. These include hip, knee, and gynecologic surgery.



  • USA Export Quality
  • Thermoformed Tray Available
  • OEM Available

TRIVIWAT GAS Tight Syringes

Triviwat syringes for gas applications Ideal for handling both liquids and gases This type of syringe has a piston tip made of PTFE material, which prevents gas leakage better than the silicone rubber of conventional plastic syringes and will reduce the chance of the silicone rubber hardening at the piston tip.

PolymerPermeability*10, cm *cm/(s*cm *cmHg)
Dimethylsilicone rubber60.0
Nitrile rubber8.5
Natural rubber2.4
Polyethylene, low density0.8
Butyl rubber0.14
Polyethylene. high density0.10
Nylon 60.004
Polymer (ethylene terephthalate)0.0019


TRIVIWAT Glass syringe for DMSO Handling
(Dimethyl Sulfoxide)

This syringe consists of a stainless-steel parts + PTFE + Borosilicate medical grade glass, which can transport DMSO solvents used in medicine. Currently, many companies are using DMSO in combination with various medicines in the treatment of patients  

Examples of cases where DMSO was used in treatments


TRIVIWAT Glass syringe customed (งานสั่งทำต่างๆ)

TRIVIWAT can do custom-made syringes and glass tubes of any size according to the customer's requirements (OEM/ODM). We can help customer design products to be compatible with testing machines and industrial machines.

หลอดลำเลียงสารสั่งทำส่วนใหญ่เนื่องจาก เครื่องหลายๆเครื่องทดสอบจะถูกสั่งจากต่างประเทศมา ทำให้อุปกรณ์ที่ต้องใช้กับเครื่องมือต้องนำเข้าจากต่างประเทศตลอดเวลาชำรุด ซึ่งเวลานำอุปกรณ์เข้ามาแต่ละครั้งจะมีราคาค่อนข้างสูงมาก 
ทางบริษัท TRIVIWAT จึงอยากเป็นส่วนหนึ่งในการช่วยผู้ประกอบการณ์ในการลดต้นทุนส่วนนี้ และเรามีทีมช่างที่ชำนาญในการสร้างหลอดลำเลียงสารในแต่ละชนิด สอบถามเพิ่มเติม 02-8087376

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